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Established in 2014, it provides efficient and reasonable representatives in the Family Law Court and the Court of Appeal. Law is a tool to help families, not a weapon to punish them.

Established in 2014


Efficient, strategic and focused legal representation of family law, criminal defense, and appeals. With more than 25 years of experience, the Six Sigma Master Black Belt, and experience as a system programmer, your problems are handled in a creative and cost effective manner. We won't waste your time.

Ohio University Computer Science
9-year system programmer
Indiana University Bloomington School of Law J.D.
More than 25 years of litigation (including divorce and birth, protection, intellectual property, business communication violations, Indiana Family Court litigation). Experience in federal court cases.
Indiana's claims include misdemeanor imprisonment, university contribution and rejection, parenting, time to child, division of marital relations, and business contact violations.
Certified Six Sigma Master Black Belt, Life Coach, Business Success Coach
The end result is a reasonable rate of strategic, creative and focused representation.

Erik C.
business owner